Enliven is the new user interface for real estate.

Your spokesperson 24/7 in real time.

From virtual agents, property managers, customer service and support, Enliven is designed for real estate professionals to harness the true power of  AI.

Enliven-The Grounds Desktop
Enliven - Hodges Real Estate Mobile example

As a spokesperson that speaks every language, Enliven makes your business more efficient so you can concentrate more on what AI canʼt do: the human connection.

Imagine a world where all your outbound communication is AI enabled and campaigns can intelligently converse with your customers to understand their true intent.

Enliven - The Grounds Mobile example
Enliven - Hodges Real Estate Desktop Example

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We believe real estate services should be amazing around the clock.

With Enliven you can create simple, smart interactions with AI-enabled virtual agents that will transform the experiences you provide to your customers.

Infinitely scalable AI technology to create, qualify and retain new customers for your real estate business.