Sorted revolutionises the way people control their services.

All properties, all services. Smart, Simple, Sorted. Transform how you onboard, support and manage tenants, provide amazing CX and generate revenue from services.

Vacancy to application, agreement to occupancy, home setup to renewal. Weʼll get your properties, landlords and tenants sorted together on the one platform. Thatʼs rental services made simple.

Arm your tenants with the right technology so they never miss another payment.

With features such as E-Wallet, budgeting software, rental payment management and access to services, Sorted is making life easier for tenants, lessors and property managers.

Sorted lets consumers manage all their services like rent, electricity and broadband. They can also track and pay their bills from our mobile app.

From electricity to solar to broadband, weʼll run a check-up on a consumer’s home to get the best deal thatʼs right for them. With Sorted you get the facts without the spin.

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Life made simple.

Sorted organises a consumer’s household services (such as rent, electricity and broadband) in one easy-to-use app, and makes sure they are always on the right deal. Get everything sorted and paid for in one place.

Smart. Simple. Sorted.

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